AIM - The aim of the competition is to encourage more runners to participate by representing their club and having the potential to help their club win a trophy at ‘county’ level. It is aimed at encouraging the smaller clubs to participate in the league.
1.       The competition will run alongside the main team championships.
2.       The competition will be based only on the Senior Mens and Senior Ladies races
3.       The competition will be open to all clubs who have NOT won TEAM medals in the 2 preceding years ie by finishing in 1st, 2nd or 3rd places in either the Senior Mens or Senior Womens Team Places in the Main Championships NOR won the J E Smith Challenge Trophy in the 2 preceding years.
4.       In addition to the above, any other club team which wins a medal in the main championship in the current year (ie 2021) will become ineligible to qualify for the John E Smith Challenge Trophy in the current year.
5.       Team scores will consist of the combined scores of the best 6 Men and best 4 ladies.
6.       In both the Senior Mens and Senior Ladies Races the first man/woman will score 250 points, 2nd 249, 3rd 248 and so on. The highest combined score is the ‘winner’.
7.       Teams with less than 6 Men and 4 Ladies will not be eliminated but will have the potential to score less points.
8.       The John E Smith Challenge Trophy will be awarded to the winning Club Team and will be held for ONE year.